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Paving the way for 5G



With the exponential rise in smartphone technology, consumers are putting mobile operators under pressure to offer:

Ubiquitous connectivity - wherever they are

Faster speeds - for 8K video streaming and immersive gaming

No increase in subscription fees


5G could hold the key. But how can operators pave the way for rolling out the technology so that it meets these expectations?



How can operators get more bandwidth over the air interface?


Small Cells are one of the answers

Mobile operators need to utilise small cell technology and LTE-Advanced features that promote better coordination between macro and small cell networks and more efficient use of spectrum.


What needs to happen to make a greater volume of small cells a reality?


The UK could reasonably see upwards of 40,000 outdoor small cells across the UK within the next 5 years.

May 2016 Market Status Report by the Small Cells Forum

Increasing the amount of small cells carries significant challenges, not only on the technology but also the availability of suitable site assets and the complexity and costs of physical deployment.


Operators need to think about several things to make this a reality:


Change perceptions:

The future of mobile is in volume deployments which are highly cost sensitive so traditional rental agreements and planning restrictions will need to be revisited. Work with local councils and site providers to change perceptions about cellular equipment.


Sharing network infrastructure:

To reach an acceptable TCO for small cells (where the cost of sending a Gbyte of data through a small cell network is less than sending the same through a macro network), operators will need to think about the most effective way to share certain elements of their small cells network infrastructure.


Backhaul small cell traffic:

If outdoor small cells are to be the capacity work-horses of the future then small cell traffic will need to be backhauled to an aggregation point capable of delivering multiple phase synchronised 10Gbps connections to small cells.


The promised land?

By investing in outdoor small cells MNO’s can achieve the speeds and bandwidth consumers want while achieving significant cost reductions, but there are several things they need to tackle first.

Download our new whitepaper to find out how to get to the commercial tipping point that will make outdoor small cells a scalable proposition.